Refinance mortgage rate slides for Tuesday

If you’re thinking about refinancing, it may be a great time to lock in a rate.


Can I Claim Head of Household on My Tax Return?

As you prepare your tax returns one of the first things you have to determine is what filing status you should claim Most unmarried taxpayers end up using the single filing status but there s another option called head of household that offers some benefits If you can file as a head

Note ban in India has led to Rs 100-cr loss of sales in Dec quarter: Nestle

Various macro economic and political factors are unsettling companies. Where does the India business stand for Nestle?Global macro economic conditions are going to remain volatile and Nestle is preparing for that. The whole globalisation paradigm is under question. How these factors affect organisations is still to be seen. Earlier, Asian counties like Turkey and Indonesia were growing very fast for us; that has come down over time. Demonetisation in India has led to Rs 100 crore loss of sales for us in the December quarter. But, India continues to remain our focus and we expect it will drive growth for Nestle in the coming years. The message we get from the global leadership is, growth with efficiency and (better management of) cost is going to be the way forward.Growth in India has been missing for you for the past four-five years. How do you plan to address that?First, value equations that can offset the downside risk of losing volumes will be a key area. For example, in infant …